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MQL Fundamentals

When using any tool in the real world, you feel more confident if you understand how that tool works. Application development is no different. When you understand how your development tools function, you feel more comfortable and confident using them. The fact that you are reading this page means you have at least some idea about MetaQuotes Language or MQL in short. If you don’t, MQL is an object-oriented language for writing automated trading strategies and custom technical indicators. These Expert Advisors and custom indicators can be used with any financial instrument on MetaTrader software.

MQL5 is the latest iteration of the MetaQuotes Language. Similar to its predecessor MQL4, its syntax is based on C++, which is a very powerful and popular programming language. As compared to MQL4, the new version now has support for enumerations, structures, classes, and event handling. There are also new built-in types, enabling you to write programs that communicate with other programs outside MetaTrader, through DLLs. As MQL5 is based on C++, prior knowledge of C++ can greatly decrease its learning curve. However, if you don’t have any C++ experience don’t worry as MQLCentral will walk you through the entire learning path. We will cover everything from language fundamentals to advanced techniques for developing Expert Advisors and custom indicators.